I’m sure you follow at least one “mummy blogger” and if you’re anything like me, you follow so many wonderful, amazing, successful super mum bloggers…

So the burning question I always used to have was – how do they do it all?

How do they write blog posts, stay active on Social Media, feed the baby, take the kids to school, cook, clean, keep relationships and friendships alive and stay sane… I mean the list goes on and on for what mummy's can do…

It used to completely baffle me because I couldn’t get my head around these remarkable women literally doing it all and being successful with it!

So what were they doing and hello – I wanted to find out and do it myself?

I started to read more about them, follow their blogs, social accounts and sign up for their email lists and I realized, the reason they flourished was due to the fact they did some crucial things.

Blogging comes with all kinds of challenges and being a mum also comes with an unbelievable amount of challenges.

In order to manage it all, essential things need putting in place to get all the things done that we need to on our never-ending, crazily frustrating busy days as a mummy and blogger…

So with all that said, I want to share with you 7 things successful mummy bloggers do to manage their time because you can do it too lovely.

With a little adjusting, it really is possible…

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7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers Do To Manage Their Time
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 15

1 Make Time for “Mummying” & Blogging

The most successful mummy bloggers aren't those that are ALWAYS working on their blogs – on no!

They're the ones who dedicate time and energy to both!

Now I know you may be thinking, how the heck do they do that – I can barely find time to drink a cup of coffee while it's hot…

But hang in there and trust me on this.

When you can get to a place where you have “mummying” time and “blogging” time, you'll feel so much better!

Separating the two is so important, at least it has been for me anyway.

When I was trying to mishmash it all together, I was all over the place and found myself getting absolutely nowhere.

Trying to feed and type at the same time was no great success and neither was trying to blog while it was supposed to be playtime with my toddler… so I had to do something about it and change the way I did things!

Mummying Time

When it's “mummying” time – that's exactly what it should be.

Time for you and your children or child…

Time spent doing nothing but playing, snuggling, or smelling their gorgeous baby smell (who doesn't love that newborn smell) I wish I could bottle it up…

It can be difficult at first because it's hard to switch off when you have all the blogging ideas floating around your head, but once you get used to the separation, it gets so much easier.

The mummying time should be fun and precious – it's when you get to spend quality time with your adorable and amazing little humans, whether that be a day at the zoo, the beach or arts and crafts at home.

spending quality time with your children is so important
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 16

They grow up so fast so you don't want to waste a second when you're devoting time just for them.

The work will still be there, the same as the washing and chores… and who cares, it can all wait a while and won't hurt.

The main thing is to make sure that when you say you're going to dedicate time to them, you actually do because your children need your time and to know they're important to you (which of course they are) but we all get busy and quality time can sometimes get pushed to the wayside…

I'll talk more about splitting your time shortly, as it depends on a number of factors specific to your own family.

Blogging Time

Now it's time to talk about the blogging side of things…

Here's where mummy guilt can become a very real thing and you've got to try and let it go!

It ain't gonna be easy, because whenever us mums are doing something which doesn't involve our kids – we feel guilty about it…

And that can mean anything from sitting down and having 5 minutes of peace (with a cup of tea), to letting them keep themselves occupied for an hour or so!

But you know what, we shouldn't feel guilty at all!

We have to get it out of our heads that just because we're doing something for ourselves, it doesn't mean we're neglecting our children's needs or not being a good mum!

It doesn't hurt your kids (or you) to let them watch an episode or two of their favourite TV program, or a couple of videos on YouTube while you get in some blog time.

Finding moments like this is essential, especially as a stay at home mum because when your kids are with you 24/7, you have to take whatever time you can to get things done!

Our worlds revolve around those little loves of our lives (as they should) but never forget you're a person and a human being who has passions, ambitions and things you want to do in life.

That's why starting a blog can be the perfect option for you!

You can do it when it suits you and your family and grow at your own pace with no pressure.

Blogging allows you to “mummy” and “work” and it stops you from feeling like it has to be one or the other.

So how do you find the time to do both?

That is the question…

How you split your time up will depend entirely on your family dynamic and situation (work, childcare, how well your kids go to bed lol etc)…

Every family is different and so there's never going to be a “set” way of doing things, however, I can share some simple tips that will help…

It may sound like I'm being a bit harsh, but honestly, I'm not. I'm just trying to be real with you and let you know what it's really going to be like blogging as a mum

If I can't be real and let you know how it is, then I feel like I'm being totally misleading!

Bloggers make it seem so easy and perfect when in actual fact it's neither (and most of them will tell you that if you ask).

It's a lot of effort and hard work – but the stage you normally see those bloggers at is not the same stage you're at.

They're not beginners anymore – but they were, so you just have to keep in mind that it only matters where YOU are in your blogging journey and not anyone else.

So with all that said, let's get on with the simple tips below:

  • You NEED to make time to blog – that's a fact so find the time somewhere.
  • Any spare hour you have (when it's not quality time with your kiddos) – use it to blog as it all helps.
  • Break down tasks into manageable chunks so you're not overwhelmed.
  • FOCUS when it's “blogging time” as it's the only way you'll see real progress.
  • Short bursts of 20-30 minute blocks is fine to get things done – whether it's to write a brief outline for your next blog post, put together an email for your list or proofread a post before hitting publish!

So there's some simple tips for you to put into action and I hope I didn't sound harsh! – it wasn't meant that way if I did, but I want you to see how things have to change a bit if you want to see success with your blog.

Those cosy nights watching your fave show on Netflix may have to go for a while and be replaced with time working on your blog…

The good thing is, TV shows may have to take a backseat, but they can be replaced with Podcasts.

I love a good podcast to motivate me when I'm working. Some of the ones you can check out that I love are:

no Netflix more blogging
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 17

The TV cull doesn't have to last forever though, because as your children get older and start preschool, or they go to nursery for a few hours a week, you'll find that all those stolen hours here and there to get things done, can start being done more consistently in more hours during the day!

But until that time, sacrifices have to be made and getting an hour here, 30 minutes there and working when your little ones go to bed/are napping is the only way you'll be able to grow your blog.

It's literally a game of slotting in writing a blog post in between putting together a few pin images…

All those 30 minutes, odd hours here and there and the “slotting in” of things all add up to you consistently growing your blog and making it a success!

2 Always have a Schedule

After scaring you with all the info above (I hope I haven't) you're probably thinking a schedule is out of the question!

BUT… a schedule, sorry correction, a very simple schedule is exactly what you need!

As busy mums, we don't want anything complicated to get to grips with, so simplicity is key!

Planning is key to anything in life and blogging is no different.

When you first start out, you need to build momentum, so you can start getting traffic and get your blog out there and seen!

This means writing lots of blog posts and you definitely want and need to be publishing one post a week.

It can be hard to try and write one post though, and when you're new and trying to get into the swing of things – it can be even harder.

The trick is, you don't have to write giant novel posts all the time.

Of course, you'll need some longer posts (usually your pillar posts) which go into a lot of detail on a topic, but there are lots of other posts you can put together which take a fraction of the time, such as the ones below…

  • How To posts
  • List Posts (like this one and are very popular, especially with mums)
  • Roundup posts
  • Tools posts (showcase your fave tools)
  • Resources post
  • Income posts
  • Secrets post (sharing a top secret)

All these can be written sharing amazing, valuable information, but they don't have to take a mammoth amount of time to write and put together.

So how do you put together a simple schedule…

I have to admit, my way of “scheduling” so to speak is not putting it all down in a calendar or using some fancy software. I do things a little different.

But saying that, initially my process is probably the same as most people when it comes to seeing what I've got going on…

1 – List down EVERYTHING you need to do that week

To start with, you need to write down a list of all the things you need to get done during the week – and this should include your blogging tasks and your usual, everyday appointments, grocery shops, playdates etc…

Just get it all down on paper and this is usually best on a Sunday when you know what's going on the week ahead (or at least have some kinda idea lol)…

For it to be simple and effective, you need to include it all…

2 – Start with the appointments/necessary events you've got going on

Next up is sorting through the important activities and appointments which you HAVE to do.

Here's where things are a bit “out there” for me as I don't just jot it all down on a big calendar or input it into a spreadsheet or software…

What I do is use my iPhone calendar.

I'm always checking my phone calendar and no matter how many actual diaries I've had – nothing has ever seemed to work for me other than the good old FREE iPhone calendar and we all have a free calendar app, no matter which mobile device we're using…

I know it may seem a bit crazy and all over the place but there's a reason I use it and it's because I love the reminders setting.

using the reminder setting on iphone
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 18

I set reminders for everything and that little “Alert” button is my best friend…

I don't know why it works for me – it just does and it's the only thing I've found I've stuck with – that and emailing myself ideas for things I want to do (another weird thing I'm into and works for me)…

email inbox for sending important tasks
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 19

I always have my iPhone on me, no matter where I go… a diary on the other hand never used to go anywhere with me because I'd forget it or it'd be too big for my bag and the teeny tiny ones I didn't like because they were too small for my big ole writing… and breath Leah…

Anyway – this is what works for me, but you do what works for you and there's tons of different ways to schedule things, from physical diaries to management software and apps…

A schedule is only good if it works for YOU, which is why you need to find a way that is comfortable and gets things done!

Once you've decided what you're going to use for scheduling – add in all the important dates you have for the week ahead so that they're prioritised and don't get forgotten or missed.

3 – Look at your blogging tasks for the week and break them down into “the time they take”

Now you've got all your priority dates and events in, you can look at what blogging tasks need to be added.

Blogging tasks such as:

  • Research for blog post
  • Outlining your blog post
  • Writing a blog post
  • Creating Social Media graphics
  • Putting together an email for your list
  • Creating a new freebie etc…

See which ones are the most time consuming and put them in one list. These are the ones where you'll need to have the biggest chunk of time to complete, so can be tasks that take 2-3 hours or more (such as writing your blog posts and creating a video tutorial).

Secondly, look at the tasks which still take a while, but not as long – maybe 1 -2 hours and add these to another list (things like researching for your post, editing and pre-publish checks).

Lastly, look at the tasks that take an hour or less and add these to a list too (tasks such as creating a pin image or writing an email for your list).

Once you've looked at what you need to do and have your lists, you can then start to add them to your schedule/calendar for the week – around your priority activities, appointments and events.

create a blogging schedule
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 20

With the larger, hefty tasks, these could be done first thing in the morning when your babies still sleeping, or later on when they're having their afternoon nap (oh how I missed it when those naps got dropped lol).

Whenever you have the 2-3 hours + – this is when you carry out the more “hardcore brain intense” activities, such as writing a blog post.

This is because it can be tougher to dip in and out of a written activity, due to the concentration level needed, compared to a less demanding job such as designing a pin image or Instagram graphic, which is a lot easier to do when you only have 10-20 minutes say…

With that said, don't put pressure on yourself – just do what you can with what time you have and adapt and rearrange things to suit your needs!

We're mums and with that comes demand and unpredictability, so if you keep that in mind, you'll be fine!

This is the whole reason blogging is fantastic, because you can make it work around your family.

4 – Do It!

Now you need to get on and do it.

It's weird getting into and sticking to a schedule to start with, but it gets easier the more you do it (as with anything).

You'll feel more in control and will get more done in the time you have with a schedule.

Just remember schedules can be changed and more often than not, will change because of the nature of motherhood!

But you got this and I'm here to help you wherever I can 🙂

SYMB preview take action
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 21
Join the 7 Day “Start Your Mummy Blog” Challenge today!

3 Maximum of 2-3 Tasks a Day

As mums, we really can do a lot in our day, but just because we can, doesn't mean we always should!

It's hard enough being a mum and doing all that comes with that!

When you look at your schedule and see the important appointments and playdates and then you need to have your blogging tasks in there too, this can seem super overwhelming.

The way to deal with this is to only set yourself 2-3 tasks a day – max!

Personally, looking at a ginormous “to-do” list does me in and agitates me.

As soon as I see all those things, I already feel like I can't do them and starting the day off that way instantly creates a negative mindset.

We need positivity mamas and we get this by seeing a small “to-do” list with tasks on which we can accomplish and achieve successfully.

On the days you have appointments/coffee dates etc – carry out small, less time-consuming activities and only do 2-3 of them!

You can whip up a few pin images with Canva and create a post for Instagram on these days and that's your 2-3 tasks done!

PINS CREATED using canva
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 22

Leave the blog post writing for the days you have no plans or for the evening when your little ones are in bed!

When it comes to writing blog posts, you could have this as “one” task, but split it between 2-3 time slots throughout your day if you need to.

It's a big job (probably the biggest blogging job) so you won't always be able to hash it out in one complete go – especially when babas are involved!

There's no perfect option or “one fits all” solution – it's about finding what works for you and sticking to it.

4 Create amazing, valuable & super helpful content

This one is a given and if there's one thing you need to do – no matter how long your blog posts are, what kind of posts you write or how often you write them – it's to always, always put out amazing, valuable and helpful content…

Your content needs to fulfil these things and give your readers something to take away when they leave so that hopefully, they'll come back!

Whether you're inspiring, educating or entertaining, your post needs to give value and have a purpose.

You can do this by sharing top tips, a unique point of view, your successes (and failures) or how you got from A to B…

Readers love this kind of valuable information that they can gain insight from, learn from and take action on themselves.

When you get into the swing of blogging and you write often, you'll get to know your “blog voice” and style, which also adds to the value of your content.

Engaging and being interactive with your audience, also shows you care about them and what they have to say…

What makes content valuable?

In simple terms, valuable content is that which is relatable, speaks to your audience and is actionable!

valuable content is a must when blogging
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 23

When you sit down to write your posts, you need to make sure they're relevant, authentic and have a clear message, as this is what builds trust and relationships with your readers.

The more trust you build, the more authority you gain and the more authority you gain, the more people will visit your site and become loyal readers.

This means they're more likely to buy from you and will stick with you throughout your “blogging life”.

It all boils down to this lovely – the more valuable your content and the more it can help people, the more successful you'll be in growing your blog.

The more traffic you get to your blog, the higher you'll rank higher in search engines!

5 Work when you're most Productive

This is one where it's going to be very different for every mummy blogger out there.

We're all different and unique (thank goodness) and how I may work, is not necessarily the way you'd work best and get the most out of yourself and your day!

Finding time to blog as a mum is hard, like really hard – I know it and I feel you when I say this.

I'm living it too because being a mum never stops!

My boys are now both at school, so I do have more time to dedicate during the day, but it hasn't always been that way.

I've been there when my boys were super tiny, fitting it in around all the craziness of life and yes, it was slower and takes longer (blogging is a marathon, not a sprint) but you can still do it!

Don't let the scariness of blogging stop you from getting into it because even when the exhaustion kicks in, you'll still find the energy to blog if it's something you really want to do.

It's about working when you're the most productive.

Is it first thing in the morning (when it's super quiet and no one has woken up yet)? This was my personal fave when I couldn't do much in the day! Or, is it after lunch when you've got a second wind and can throw in an hour or two!

Maybe you're more of a night owl and like to get in a few hours when everyone's asleep and there are no more demands of the day.

Whichever it is and it could be a mix of some, or all of them (depending on the age of your children) find the time that makes you feel the most accomplished.

It will change over time and that's just another thing us mums learn to adapt to…

6 Move on from Mistakes quickly

I wanted to include this because I think it's so important for your morale and mindset!

You're going to make mistakes when blogging – it's inevitable and you only learn and grow by making those mistakes.

Jeez, I've made a ton of them over the years…

It doesn't make you a failure at all!

The advice I can give for you is this… when you do make the mistakes, don't dwell on them or stop moving forward with your blog. Deal with the hurdles and challenges head-on.

making mistakes when blogging
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 24

It's so easy to give up or think that blogging isn't for you and so many people throw in the towel during the early stages, but please, don't be one of them.

Accept that you've made the mistake, fix it and keep driving forward towards your goals!

No mistake can't be fixed or moved on from!

The more you blog, the more you'll learn and the fewer mistakes you'll make, so don't admit defeat.

7 Network with other Mummy Bloggers

I'm not going to lie – blogging can be really lonely and as a stay at home mum, loneliness is something I've felt a lot!

You miss that whole human, adult interaction that you can't get from your beautiful baby's cooing!

This is where networking and being around other bloggers is vital, not only for your well being but on a “business” level too.

Sitting at your computer day in, day out can cause you to feel isolated and outcast, so when you can talk to other bloggers, who are going through what you're going through or have been there already, it can make it easier and like you're not so distant…

Another thing I've found and you may have experienced this already, or could experience it in the future, is people don't really seem to understand this whole “blogging thang”.

I've been scared to open up about it and talk to people about what I do because I'm worried they'll see it as “not a real job” or that it's a waste of time and effort.

Having like-minded people around you eliminates this as it will lift you up and help you build strong, meaningful relationships.

You'll learn so much too and can share problems, find solutions and even hold each other accountable.

Collaborations and business ventures could come out of it too – you never know…

If all that isn't enough to get you excited to network, I don't know what will…

How can I start networking with bloggers

There's lots of ways you can network and get yourself out there meeting other bloggers (online that is) or even in person at events maybe…

Once you start putting these things into action, you'll feel more comfortable being a “blogger” for a start, plus you'll feel much less lonely and like you're part of a community!

So what things can you do and where can you go:

  • Join Facebook Groups where other mummy bloggers hang out – a couple of amazing ones are Boss-MumsBlogging for New Bloggers with Lucrezia & Marina and Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite
  • Follow a few fab bloggers on Instagram
  • Find a few podcasts to listen to, where you can find new bloggers and entrepreneurs to learn from
  • Share other bloggers content (that you love & resonate with) on your own social platforms
  • Comment on others blog posts and social posts
  • Add links in your content to higher authority blogs
  • Reach out and ask other bloggers questions. They're real people and love to interact with their audience + it gets you on their radar as someone who's interested and engaging

All the above things can help you reduce loneliness, get yourself, your brand and your name out there and give you friends and blogging buddies for life!

manage your blogging time better preview image
7 Things Successful Mummy Bloggers do to Manage their Time & Thrive 25

    So there you have it: 7 things successful mummy bloggers do to manage their time & thrive …

    Being a mummy alongside blogging is no easy feat and it takes a lot of hard work, effort and flexibility, but you know what, we're mums, we're strong and capable of so much!

    It's the best thing ever and I couldn't imagine doing anything else and all I want is for you to feel that too…

    So let me know which of these things you're going to try, or if you're already doing them, how are you getting on? Leave a comment below…


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