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I know you're a busy mum!

I mean what mum is ever NOT busy…

But I also know that as well as being a mummy, you have something you're amazing at doing & you're crazy passionate about something(s) OR  you have something people ask you about aaaaalllll the time – something that you're really awesome at giving advice on or know a ton about…

Whatever it is you have (and we all have something that makes us unique & helpful to othersyou can blog about it!

Having your very own blog is a great way to share the things you love & are great at & I truly believe that all mummy's should have a blog in their life…

We all love to read blogs on the things we're interested in, so why wouldn't we want to have our own, so that we can share the things we love, we're awesome at & that other people really want to hear about!




I know you’ve got entrepreneurial creativity streaming through your body & have amazing ideas & passions, which you want to put out there for everybody to see!


You don’t know where to start…

You don’t know what to do…


It all feels super duperly overwhelming!

I totally get you…

You just want someone to show you the way… Inspire you, Encourage you & Support you…



Inspiration, Encouragement & Support are key for helping you along your journey & I’m here to give you all 3 & more…

It all starts with acknowledging and understanding that you can do this.

You can set up a blog!

It really is simple & easy to do… You just need to have someone by your side to show you the way!

And that's me… I'll be the one standing by your side, holding your hand & helping you get set up with a beautiful, functioning blog, where you can share your knowledge, passions & ideas with the world!




So I thought I'd share a little bit about me, so you can get to know me more!

 I feel it's super important for you to be able to put a name to the face, because it means we can connect on a more personal level!

my story image of me

I’m Leah (that's me above) & I’ve lived in the South of England all my life.

love, love, love living by the sea, where I can walk out my door & it literally takes less than 5 minutes to get to the beach.

It’s an amazing place to bring up my two crazy, fun boys (who are currently 8 & 6).

They love running around, eating ice cream & throwing stones into the sea… so living by the beach caters to all those needs!

They’re very outdoorsy, love mud, riding their bikes & getting dirty (as do pretty much all the boys I know).

I’m a wife, (with a very loving & supportive husband) & I’m also hugely, massively, crazily passionate about my blog.

It’s my “online” home where I can inspire & share all the things to help you get started in your blogging journey.

 l love reading (mainly Historical fiction, Crime fiction & Medical biographies) listening to entrepreneurial podcasts and watching medical dramas & (cringe) reality TV!

I'm a massive Trance, House & Techno fan & even call my little one my little “rave baby” as he loves listening to it too!

I'm also learning to DJ as it's another huge passion of mine…

I love to share bits & bobs of my life with you as a mummy from time to time too… as being a mummy is my #1 priority!

Loving my Blog means working on it doesn’t ever feel like a chore.

my boys

My passion is helping you mummy’s get your passions, ideas & knowledge out there onto a Blog!!!

For everyone to see your amazingness (is that even a word… well if it isn't – it is now!)

I started blogging for mums because I want to share my journey of getting my blog up, running & making it a success.

I've had a few blogs in my time but this one I want to build up from scratch, with you right by my side.

I also want to share all the things I've learnt about blogging with you, because I've learnt soooooo much over the last few years & now it's my turn to get it all out there to you!

I realized that having a platform where I could talk about the things I love & am insanely passionate about, is incredibly powerful…

I want you to stop & think for a moment…


I want you to think about what you love talking about, what your friends ask you about, what you could talk about, read about, listen to things about – without ever getting bored or tired of the topic!

If you're truly passionate about something, are incredibly knowledgeable in something or have a burning desire to talk about something all the time – you can write about them on your very own blog!

Your knowledge, creative ideas & passions can be turned into a successful blog!

It’s all about knowing the steps it takes to putting your passions & ideas online, so that you can share your awesomeness with the world!

If you have something amazing to share, then I feel you have a duty to get it out there!

I know exactly how it feels to have this burning passion inside of me…

A passion for something that I want to write about & talk about all the time!

So with all that said, if you’re ready to come along for the ride, grab a coffee some cake ? and open up that laptop, because we're going to get you blogging!!!

 There'll be plenty more where that came from, along with a lot, lot more awesomeness!

 Have a fab day 🙂

Leah xx

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step”

Naeem Callaway

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