Have you ever let fear stop you from doing something you really wanted to do in your life?

Have you ever let those fears take over so that they cause doubt and lack of faith in yourself?  

Have you had those niggly little voices in your head telling you you can’t do something?

Fear is a killer of enthusiasm, that’s for sure! It’s an incredibly powerful emotion that can stop you from achieving amazing experiences in your life. 

It can be debilitating and can put a halt on your goals, your dreams, your ambitions and your passions. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Most of the time, the reason you’re not doing something or “going for something” is because you’re getting in your own way. 

You’re in your own head and this is what stops you in your tracks and stops you from taking action on something you really want to go for… 

When it comes to blogging, I don’t want you to fear getting started. I don’t want you to fear what may happen.

That’s why today I’m going to share with you 11 troubling fears stopping you starting your mummy blog because I want you to push those fears aside and just do it! 

Because you know what – it’s amazing lovely and I want you to experience all the amazing things that blogging brings.

So, I’m not going to waste another minute – let’s get into it…

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11 Troubling fears stopping you starting an awesome mummy blog
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 17

Fear #1 – You’re Not Good Enough

This fear is very, very real… The fear of not being good enough. 

Maybe it comes from self-doubt or maybe it comes from being told you can’t do something or an “it’ll never work” attitude…

Well, let me tell you this – you ARE good enough!

Whatever you’re going to blog in and put out into the world will be amazing because it comes from the unique person that is YOU!

No matter how many blogs there are out there and no matter how many of those blogs are on the same topic – they’ll never be the same because they’re all run by completely different people…

Completely different people who have different things to say, unique perspectives and a voice that’s their own!

We all have this fear of not being good enough at something.

It could be fear of not being smart enough, talented enough or organised enough! 

Fear #1 - You’re Not Good Enough
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 18

For me personally, since having children, I feel like I’m way more fearful than I ever was before.

I’m massively fearful of not being a good enough mum… I constantly have thoughts of Am I raising them right? Am I doing enough for them? Am I giving them everything they need?

I know as a mum yourself, you probably have these exact same thoughts and it’s hard to shake them.

BUT, even though we have these fears, it doesn’t stop us from being mums. We still get up every day and “mummy” them and do what we have and need to do for them. 

We face “mummying” head-on…

When it comes to blogging, you need to do the same thing. You have to stop worrying you won’t be good enough and just hit it head-on.

Yes, it’s true – not everyone is going to like you or like the content you put out there, but that doesn’t matter because there will be plenty of people who will like you and what you put out there… and that lovely is what matters!

So don’t concentrate on the fear of not being good enough to start a blog, concentrate on the great things that can happen and come into your life when you do start one – the value you can provide others, the friendships you can develop and the income you could make – focus on that!

Fear #2 – You won’t have time to blog as a mum

I’ve heard this time and time again and I want to say this.

If you want to start a blog bad enough – you’ll make the time and you’ll find the time…

I know it sounds a bit harsh, but I bet you find the time to watch your fave show on Netflix every night and I also bet you find the time to scroll through social media endlessly…

When we actually stop and think about it – we DO have the time, it’s what we’re doing with that time that needs to change. 

You can 100% absolutely start a blog alongside being a mummy!

There are so many wonderful and amazing bloggers out there, who are doing phenomenal, alongside parenting.

We just need to find ways to be more productive and ways to stay more organised, so we can do all the things we want and need to. 

Us mums have superpowers remember – we can do a lot of stuff!

The great thing about blogging is, that you don’t need to rush or feel like you have to have it all done. There’s no pressure unless you’re putting pressure on yourself, in which case – don’t!

Fear #2 - You won’t have time to blog as a mum
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 19

Blogging can be done at your own pace and you can fit it around YOUR family life, however that looks and alongside whatever you have going on. 

That’s why it’s so amazing! 

The most successful mummy bloggers are the ones who make time for being a mummy and blogging too.

When you’re fulfilling the role of both and making time for both, you’re in a much better mindset because this alleviates the issue of “guilt” which as mums, we’re constantly battling…

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have something else as well as being a mum. We don’t just stop having dreams and goals because we have a baby!

You can and should have something in your life that’s just for you – a creative outlet and somewhere to be “the you” that isn’t the role of Mummy.

Personally, I feel I’m a much better Mum because blogging allows me to do something I love and am passionate about and this keeps me fulfilled. 

So with that said, you can definitely find the time to blog around your family, it just takes a bit of adjusting and sacrificing of the TV – to start with anyway lol 🙂 

Fear #3 – You’re going to be Judged

Another hugely annoying fear is this one – the fear of being judged.

We live in such a cruel world sometimes where we can be judged and criticised for any little thing we say or do.

The way we’ve worn our hair today or the fact we said: “there” instead of “their” (ok grammar police)…

Unfortunately, it’s human nature to be judgmental and sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it, but again you shouldn’t let the fear of what someone may say or think about you stop you from striving to reach your goals and ambitions.

It can be hard to get over the feeling people aren’t going to take you seriously or that they’ll think you're silly or wasting your time starting a blog, but what do they know…

Fear #3 - You’re going to be Judged
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 20

Have they started a blog? Have they put themselves out there and gone for their dreams? Maybe, but most probably not. 

Usually, the people who judge us the most are the ones who aren’t fulfilled themselves. They haven’t gone for something they’ve really wanted to do.

When you’re around other mums who blog and other bloggers in general, you’ll realise they’re your biggest cheerleaders because they’ve been in your shoes and they understand what you’re feeling and going through.

This is why community, networking and building relationships with other mummy bloggers are crucial. You won’t be judged by them as they’ll be there to give you a helping hand when you need it and a supportive ear when you need advice. 

The way I see it is this – no matter what you do, someone will ALWAYS be there to judge you on it – whether that’s in a positive or negative way! So rather than dwelling on negativity and what people may say, just start and continue moving forward!

Fear #4 – You’re going to Fail

This is probably one of the biggest fears of all and that’s the fear of failure!

I mean it’s the scariest thing right, failing at something…

But you can only fail at something if you’ve actually taken a risk and gone for it in the first place and we should never be scared to fail as it’s part of life…

Again, when it comes to being a mum, aren’t we always scared to fail! 

From the minute our babies are born, we’re scared of how they’re going to turn out when they hit 18 and that’s 18 years away…

I’m nowhere near my children being 18 yet, but even at the stage I’m at (with a 7 and 9-year-old) I’m still wondering how they’re going to be when they’re older and would I have done a good enough job and it scares the heck outta me…

Don’t be scared to fail at something you start, be scared to fail at never starting in the first place!

Failing at something you HAVE done, means you can learn from it and continue on your journey. You’ve taken action and actually done something – which is amazing!

Fear #4 - You’re going to Fail
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 21

Failing to never start, means you’ll just sit there procrastinating, looking at other successful mummy bloggers and thinking about how you could have a successful blog too. 

Words like “If only that could be me” or “I wish I could be more like them” will be swarming your mind and you don’t want that mamma!

There’s so many things you can worry about failing at when it comes to your blog:

  • Failing to grow
  • Failing to be seen and heard
  • Failing to share amazing content
  • Failing to target the right people…

The list goes on and on…

Don’t you think all bloggers have feared these failures too – the only difference is, that they didn’t let their fears stop them from pursuing what they really wanted. 

It’s always best to experience something and fail than never experience something at all.

When it comes to blogging, you WILL make mistakes with your blog and you will get knocked down and have to pick yourself up more times than I care to say. 

BUT, the rewards of having a blog and what it can do for you, far outweigh the thought of never even giving it a chance. 

There’s so many reasons to love blogging and fear of failure should not get in the way of that. 

Fear #5 – There’s too much competition

According to Ahrefs – there are over 600 million blogs online, so it’s easy to understand how you can be fearful of entering that huge pool of blogs…

But with so many people actively looking for information online every single day, there’s room for everyone.

As I mentioned earlier on in this post, everyone is unique and different, therefore everyone’s blogs – even if they’re within the same niche, have a distinct spin on things. 

You are what will make your blog different from another. 

Fear #5 - There’s too much competition
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 22

The way you write your content and how you voice your opinions is what will attract your ideal readers. 

With billions of people in the world, there’s going to be someone that resonates with you, wants to learn more and hear more from you. 

That someone will then turn into more “someone’s”… and you’ll grow over time and build a tribe of loyal followers and eventually customers. 

Although it’s great to check out your competition and see what’s out there, never let it put you off or stop you from doing your own thing. 

You need to tell that fear creeping in and that little voice inside your head trying to stop you, to buzz off! 

You can start a blog and you can make it successful. You just need the right mindset and know what to expect from blogging. 

Blogging takes time and is not a fast game at all, but if you put in that time and effort at the beginning and stay consistent, you’ll reap the rewards further down the line. 

Fear #6 – It will take over your whole life

Blogging involves a lot – I’m not gonna lie…

There’s a lot of moving parts and things to learn, but as I said above, there’s no pressure to do everything straight away.

Starting a blog is a commitment and you do need to dedicate time, effort and energy to it, but it doesn't have to take over your whole life!

Your blog growth will be determined by how much time you spend on it and yes, as with anything, if you spend less time on it, it will be slower growth.

But you get to choose how much time you spend on it and that can change day to day and week to week. Blogging is super flexible which is why it’s a great fit for Mums. 

It’s also creative, fun and has the potential to earn you money too!

Fear #6 - It will take over your whole life
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 23

If you can and want to – you can blog every day, but if you can’t (like when you have a newborn or are going through sleepless nights and are exhausted – gosh those days are hard) you can blog whenever you can find an hour here and there! 

Every bit you do to work on your blog, all helps to grow it and make it more successful. 

There’s nothing more perfect than being able to stay home with your children and build something for yourself that fits around them. 

So as you can see, blogging can certainly change your life but it doesn’t have to take over it!

Fear #7 – You’ll never make any money from blogging

From conversations I’ve had with bloggers, most started out just “hobbying” with their blogs and then they just fell into making money from it. 

They would write about their lives and share things and then eventually, it moved into a business. 

If you’re wanting to start a blog JUST to make money, you won’t succeed.

Blogging is more than making money. It’s about giving value and helping people as much as you can. 

You can do this by giving advice, tips and content that has an impact and changes something for your audience. It’s about solving their problems and taking them from point A (the problem) to point B (the solution). 

If your focus is solely on “making money” the money won’t come, but if your focus is on giving, helping and value, the money will come to you. 

Fear #7 - You’ll never make any money from blogging
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 24

The time it takes a blogger to make money is totally different from one blogger to the next. Some make money within a few months and some can take a year, or two years+ to see any kind of income. 

Not making money straight away does not mean you’re failing. This is why it’s so important to not have money as your main focus because you could be so disappointed if it doesn’t happen for a while. 

You have to continually push yourself through the hurdles and challenges that come with blogging until you finally make your first $$$. 

If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, the message you’re sharing and the mission you have for yourself and your blog – the money will come to you! 

Set goals for every week, month and year and strive to reach as many of them as you can. 

Fear #8 – You have to be Perfect

You do not have to be perfect at all when blogging.

If you’re trying to perfect every piece of content you put out, you’ll never get anywhere. 

It’s much better to put out an imperfect blog post than to sit there for hours and hours, chopping and changing things and never hitting that publish button. 

If you have no posts on your blog that are live, then you’re never going to be able to grow and build your blog in the first place. 

To be honest, nine times out of ten, no one will even notice if you make the odd spelling mistake in your content (as long as it’s not all the time). 

When you’re writing blog posts, you do need to proofread and make sure it reads ok – that needs to be part of your process, but you don’t need to get so hung up on it that you never get anything online. 

Fear #8 - You have to be Perfect
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 25

As long as you’re providing valuable content that has a purpose, just get it out there…

You can always go back and tweak things over time. It’s not set in stone once it’s published.

When starting out, your content probably won’t be amazing. It takes time to get to know who you are as a blogger and what your writing style is. 

This improves over time and the more you blog, the better you’ll become at it and the more confident you’ll be too. 

Keep writing consistently and you’ll find you’ll feel much more comfortable publishing and sharing your posts with the world…

Fear #9 – Putting your face and name out there

I have to say, this one affected me quite a bit when I first started blogging.

It can be daunting and scary to share information on a blog, making you feel vulnerable and exposed. 

Sharing a bit about yourself, such as your story and even a photo can all seem too much and it starts setting off other fears we’ve talked about, such as being judged and not being good enough. 

You can blog under a brand name like I do and people get to know you as your brand. That being said, people still know me and my story, because I sprinkle this information on my social platforms and within my content. 

Fear #9 - Putting your face and name out there
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 26

It depends on what you’re comfortable with and what you’re happy to share personally. 

Unfortunately, where everyone shares so much of themselves online nowadays, it can be hard to blog anonymously. People are very much into wanting to know who someone is and what they’re about, as this is the only way you can build trust and relationships. 

This can be extremely hard to do if readers can’t put a face or a name to the blog they’re reading. 

Fear #10 – You’re not an expert

There’s blogs in all kinds of things, so you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in anything to start a blog.

Some of the most popular blogs are lifestyle blogs and these are blogs that tend to share content on multiple topics.

For example, on a parenting blog, you may find they don’t just share parenting tip posts. 

They may also include recipes, tips on how to save money when you have kids, pregnancy topics… A lifestyle blog can cover several categories, which not only gives a wider audience but also generates more content ideas for you as the blogger…

You can literally start a blog in anything, although you may want to start it in one of the most popular blog types.

Fear #10 - You’re not an expert
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 27

Of course, if you’re starting a blog in something where you do need expertise, then you definitely don’t want to be doing that if you have no idea what you’re talking about.

You can get in a lot of trouble if you’re trying to give medical advice or legal advice for example when you don’t have the right qualifications or certifications to do this. 

If you know how to do something really well, such as knitting, graphic design or you know another language, these are all things you could teach to others, making them great ideas to start a blog in!

Fear #11 – Telling Family, Friends or Anyone for that matter

The final fear I want to mention is probably one of the most significant and that’s telling your family, friends or anyone in fact about your blog.

The thought of telling your partner or friends about wanting to start a blog can be really intimidating and terrifying. 

Some other words and feelings I’d like to associate with telling anyone about your blog are:

  • Embarrassed
  • Afraid
  • It’s too personal
  • Criticism
  • Awkward…

I could go on and on…

It’s hardly surprising really when most of the responses people tend to get are “that’s not a real job” or “why are you wasting your time on that”…

Fear #11 - Telling Family, Friends or Anyone for that matter
11 Troubling Fears Stopping You Starting Your Mummy Blog 28

I think it also comes from the fact that even now in the century we’re in and how technologically advanced we are, the thought of “blogging” can still be alien to people. 

But even when you’re already blogging, the thought of sharing your blog with the people closest to you can be scary. 

The fact they may judge you, not get what you’re doing or OMG – the worst thought – what if they actually check out your blog or worse, read your blog posts… 

This is super freaky, but something you’ll need to get over because, at some stage, your family and friends are going to sneakily go to your blog and see what it’s all about. Curiosity is definitely going to get the better of them for sure. 

The only thing I can really say is that if starting a blog is something you truly want to do mamma, then you should just go for it. Don’t worry about what other people say or think about it or what YOU THINK other people are going to have to say about it.

With so many successful mummy bloggers out there, this should encourage you to start and see what can happen for you! 

You shouldn’t let anyone stop you from taking a leap and doing something for yourself!

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    Let’s Wrap it up!

    There’s more people than you think that let fear stop them from doing the things they really want to do!

    I just don’t want you to be one of them. 

    Blogging is fab, it’s creative and it’s sooooo much darn fun (that and hard work too obvs)…

    Don’t let being scared hold you back from achieving your dreams and goals. 

    Go and kick fears butt and start that blog – I’m here every step of the way so you won’t feel alone xoxo

    Let me know in the comments below, what are your personal fears about starting a blog and what’s stopping you from going for it?


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