Email Marketing


Learn how to build and monetize your email list!

Building an Email List should be your #1 priority.

I know it can feel daunting and overwhelming, but it really isn't hard to do!

I'll show you how you can use the power of email marketing to build trust and great relationships with your email subscribers plus, it's the best way to monetize your blog…

Email Marketing

10 Things You Should Be Doing To Grow Your Email List

If there's one thing I can offer you at the start of your blogging journey, it's to start building your email list ASAP!
There's so many different strategies and methods that can be used and there really is no set way to do it, however, I feel these are the 10 things you should be doing to grow your email list.

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10 things you should do to grow your email list
Content Creation, Email Marketing

How To Create A Fabulous Freebie!

Freebies are those amazing resources you give away to your readers for FREE when they sign up to your email list.
They get the freebie and in exchange, you get their email address.
By the end of this post, you’ll be armed with all the info you need to create your own freebie.
We’ll be looking at so many things, including why you should create one in the first place, all the different types of freebie you can offer, the exact tools I use and the different stages creating one involves + a lot more…

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