I love that quote above because it rings so true.

People running around being busy bees all the time doesn't necessarily mean they're being productive!

We're going to be looking at how to be more productive when working from home as a mummy blogger, because YES, we can blog and be a mum all at the same time!

I'm going to share some of my favourite simple, yet effective productivity tips that can be applied in ALL areas of your life, because blogging and “mummying” are a great duo and really do work well together!

Let's get right into it and look at the 33 productivity tips for busy blogging mums like you…

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33 productivity tips for busy blogging mums
Table of Contents

What does Productivity mean?

Before we get into the tips, I first wanted to define what productivity actually means.

The simple and classic term for it is as follows:

Productivity is a way to measure efficiency.

It's getting the results you want in less time, with less effort…

Being productive has different meanings to different people.

We can all think we're being productive, but whether we actually are is debatable…

I mean, we can all be good at looking busy, but don't confuse busy with being productive.

Have you ever been guilty of looking like you're busy at work… You know, you're sat there typing away, but not really getting anywhere…

I have to hold my hands up to that one myself…

It's very easy to busy yourself with lots of tasks, to sit there and waste the day away, but 9 times out of 10, none of those tasks have been important, necessary and they haven't moved you or your blog/business forward in any way, shape or form!

Well if that's you, my lovely mamma, we're about to change all that…

You're going to become a super-duper productive, super mummy, once you implement and take action on the tips I'm about to share!

Productivity Tip #1 – Wake an hour earlier each day

I know, I know, don't shout me down on this one.

Being a mum means we need as much rest and sleep as we can get.

I hear ya…

And with the babies keeping us up most (or all) of the night, those mornings with a little extra sleep are precious.

BUT – my number 1 thing when my babies were tiny, that really got to me the most, was not having any time to myself AT ALL…

No time to have a hot cup of coffee, no time to fit in a 10-minute workout and no time to just be me – for half an hour!

As mummy's, we dedicate all our time to our little ones (quite rightly) but when we run on empty and don't take care of our needs, how are we supposed to take care of our children…

productivity tip wake an hour earlier

That's why I started waking up half an hour earlier to start with (so it wasn't such a darn shock to my system) and just sat with a coffee in the quiet.

Quiet is not a word or thing us mums get very often.

Some mornings I listen to a quick 5-minute meditation on Spotify to start my day off with peace and calm.

Or I love to read a few motivational quotes to get my mind focused and ready for the day ahead.

Whatever I do, it's just time for ME and me only and although I was shattered to start with, it soon becomes a necessary and well needed time of my day.

It starts to become a habit – a good habit!

So as hard as it may be to drag yourself out of bed earlier in the morning, I urge you to try, because the benefits of having that time to yourself first thing in the morning, reaps so many rewards for you in your mindset, your energy levels and your happiness for the whole day!

A better you, who's taken that time for herself, makes you a better mum, wife, partner etc…

You can give more when you're satisfied and have filled your own cup first.

Productivity Tip # 2 – Make a brief to-do list each morning

Notice how I've accentuated the “brief” in that sentence above.

Nobody wants to look at or carry out a to-do list that is as long as your arm.

I make a simple list of 2-3 main tasks I want and need to get done for that day and I use a simple daily plan notepad to jot everything down.

This planner also helps me with the dinner planning as well (which I mention further on down in this post).

productivity tip to do list each morning

These tasks are my main priorities and the daily goals I want to achieve.

If you stick with just a few things, then you won't feel overwhelmed at the amount to do and you also won't feel disappointed, when you've got to the end of the day and there's still 3013 things left to get done…

2-3 things are way more manageable when you're a busy mum!

My to-do list may look something like this:

  • 1-2 hours writing blog post
  • 30 minutes putting an email together for my list
  • Create 2-3 Pin images for latest blog post

I try and mix things up so I'm not doing monotonous tasks all day (like writing) so I try and put some fun graphic creation in there too!

This is just one example because blogging has many branches of things that need to be done (creating freebies, social media posts, creating videos etc) so every day will have something on the list which moves my blog forward!

Don't feel defeated though if you don't get all the things completed you set out to do, even if it is only 2-3 things!

Those things may be quite time consuming or heavy tasks to do.

Quick Tip: If it's a large task like writing a blog post – don't try and do it all in one day. You can do a couple of hours on it, then move on to another task. It can be really hard to write a post all in one day, as it's mentally demanding.

Tomorrow's a new day and you can start over.

Don't beat yourself up about it.

Productive Tip #3 – Stop thinking you can't and start thinking you can

Mindset matters and is hugely important!

If you're always thinking you can't do something, you're putting yourself down and making it so much harder to get motivated to take any action.

You need to start saying to yourself “I can do this”.

productivity tip stop thinking you can't and start thinking you can

Excuses are not a good look and you won't see the success you want and deserve if you keep making them.

Just changing your mindset into a “can do” attitude will make such a difference, not only in your blogging but in all areas of your life too.

Your attitude, whether it's positive or negative has a knock-on effect on how your day and life is going to be.

Choose to say “I can” more and you'll see how much more productive you are and how much more you'll get done daily.

Productivity Tip #4 – Plan your day around appointments

We're mums, we're busy and we have a ton of appointments – that's just a fact…

Whether it's going to the doctors, play dates (super important for you and your child) or kids football/music practise, they're a part of your families daily and weekly life and need to be factored in.

This is why blogging is such a great choice for us mums, we can be flexible as to when and how often we work and you can make it work for you and your families needs.

productivity tip plan your day around your appointments

Not many jobs can do that for you, plus this can become an amazing way to make money for you and your family.

When you're putting together your “brief” to-do list, make sure to add in the important appointments you have for that day and work your tasks around them.

Productivity Tip #5 – Plan dinnertime & have some ready made snacks for the kids

This one is an absolute game-changer, especially as we are always needing to feed hungry children.

They're always hungry right

Have some ready-cut fruit and veggies in the fridge.

My boys love raw carrots, peppers and cucumbers…

productivity tip Plan dinnertime & have some ready made snacks for the kids

It's easy to cut them up in the morning and place them in the fridge, so when they get hungry, you have ready to eat snacks – saving you time and earache from whining, hungry children…

This works great for when they get in from school too!

Meal plan too – figure out what you're going to cook for dinner that evening and get the chicken out of the freezer so it's thawed, or put that stew in the slow cooker…

Knowing what you're having and are needing to prepare makes things sooooo much easier and less stressful for you because I don't know about you, but I hate dinnertimes when it's chaos and I'm trying to think what we can all have.

Productivity Tip #6 – Make your work area a great place to be

I don't know about you, but when I read a book, I want to curl up on a comfy sofa, with a cosy blanket and a nice hot cup of my fave coffee (currently a creamy oat milk latte ☕️ because it feels good and I can really enjoy those moments.

It's no different when you sit down to blog…

You want to create a work area that feels good to be in and oozes inspiration, creativity and love!

productivity tip Make your work area a great place to be

You're going to be spending a lot of time there, building and growing your blog, so you want to make it a space where you enjoy working in and it feels good for you.

Quick Tip: Have some inspirational and motivating quotes around you, to keep you feeling great and moving forward.

Keep it a tidy and organised space, with everything to hand that you need (paper, pens, highlighters etc)…

Also, always have water on hand and snacks for when you get peckish, so you can stay hydrated and energised too.

Productivity Tip #7 – Set specific times to check emails & social media platforms during the day

Scrolling through Instagram is a time suck and it's not productive at all…

We all love a good social surf, checking in on the latest celebrity babies and what that day's beauty and make-up trends are, but it's not doing anything for our blog unless you're checking out groups or influencers in your niche for research…

The best thing you can do is set aside certain time blocks throughout the day to check your emails and social platforms.

productivity tip Set specific times to check emails & social media platforms during the day

This way, it won't eat up your whole day, so that before you know it, it's 3pm, time to pick the kids up from school and your day consisted of watching 4 cute dog videos, ten thousand stories and learning how to shape your eyebrows the “right way” from that YouTube video you checked out…

Quick Tip: Don't check your social media first thing in the morning (I know it's hard as we all wanna check it out when we roll out of bed) but it can set you up negatively for the whole day ahead. Insta envy is not good for you, so steering clear of it before your day starts is really refreshing and healthy for your mind.

You can add an extension to your browser, which will keep you focused and off those social platforms so that you can concentrate on actual WORK…

Productivity Tip #8 – Look at what matters and what doesn't

Not everything is important and not everything you think you have to do falls into an “urgent” category.

When you're planning out your daily activities, look at what actually matters and what's actually important…

Is the task helping your blog grow, is it moving you forward towards your goals.

Is it worth your time? (we have limited time as it is being mammas)…

productivity tip Look at what matters and what doesn't

Most things you do in the day aren't actually important, so they don't need to be done and they don't matter.

Focus your time and energy on what matters most and anything else can be left to fall to the wayside!

Productivity Tip #9 – Break down big tasks into smaller tasks

I touched upon this earlier in the post, but big tasks, such as writing blog posts, writing an email series, or creating a new freebie opt-in are pretty big tasks and can often seem overwhelming and mammoth in their nature.

Plus, when we're running around after children, feeding and clearing up after them, we don't have the time to complete large tasks all in one go.

That's when breaking down those big tasks into smaller tasks is absolutely essential.

For example, when it comes to creating a freebie, let's look at what that involves and how we can break it all down into smaller, more manageable, bitesize pieces:

productivity tip Break down big tasks into smaller ones

  • Brainstorm the freebie idea
  • Plan an outline for the freebie
  • Create the freebie
  • Create a sign up form for it using ConvertKit's FREE plan (to go on your blog/landing page etc)
  • Create a preview image for it to showcase what it looks like
  • Add it to your blog (on a relevant blog post/homepage)
  • Test it to make sure it all works
  • Promote it (social media, email list etc)…

So that's just a rough outline of how something which has a lot of pieces to the puzzle, can be broken down into smaller tasks.

Not only is this better for you mentally, but it's also so much more manageable.

It's best to do these kinds of tasks over a few days, breaking it up, so that you don't rush it.

Productivity Tip #10 – Track the time it takes to complete a task

There's nothing quite like a timer to keep you on your toes.

It kinda reminds me of when I was back at school and it was a race against time to complete my exam…

Except, I hated exams because I was so rubbish at being placed under that kind of pressure back then, but now – I quite like pressing that “start” button and seeing how long it takes me to write that email, or create that Pin image…

It keeps me laser-focused and makes sure I stick to the task at hand (it's harder to get distracted when you know you have a time limit to complete something).

productivity tip Track the time it takes to complete a task

I don't do it for things like writing blog posts, as I like to write freely and not have the pressure of time so that I'm always creating valuable and helpful content, but for simpler tasks, it's a great way of seeing where your time goes during the day.

I don't use this technique to try and better my timing on a task.

I don't see it as a competition…

It's just a method to stay focused, so my productivity remains up.

Don't ever compromise the value and giving the best information you can, because you're trying to beat a time!

Productivity Tip #11One task at a time!

Multitasking is something we're awesome at…

I mean we have to be with little people to look after and a house to take care of too!

Multitasking is a mummy's middle name…

But – when it comes to your blog, it really does need to be one task at a time.

productivity tip just do one task at a time!

You can't fully focus on something and do it properly if you're trying to do a million other things.

It's much better for you mentally and productivity-wise, if you start and finish one task before moving on to another.

Too many hands in too many pies at once, only results in half jobs being done and the tasks don't get the care and time they need or deserve, to do them well!

So, it's taking me a while to get to grips with this, as I still find myself flitting in and out of tasks.

I don't know whether it's because I get bored and I certainly get easily distracted… but it's a learning curve for me to be able to fully concentrate on ONE THING AT A TIME…

But I'm getting there and realising that my to-do list goes down faster, I feel better mentally (nowhere near as many headaches or frustrations) and it's sending my productivity levels through the roof, compared to what they used to be.

So, when you're writing your list of things to do and you're working through that list, just start and finish one at a time.

Productivity Tip #12 – Create checklists & templates for the things you do the most

Checklists and templates – two absolutely amazing timesavers when it comes to the tasks and jobs you do over and over again!

There's a lot of things to do to make your blog go-round, things like writing blog posts – there's a template for that.

There's also a checklist for writing blog posts too…

productivity tip Create checklists & templates for the things you do the most

Having these templates and checklists help to not only save me time, but they help my brain because I'm not having to think about what I need to include every single time.

My blog posts are usually set out in pretty much the same format.

I create my freebies the same way too, so it makes sense to put the time and effort in, to create a checklist and template for these kinds of tasks.

Anything that can save you time is a must because time is something we crave more than anything as mums!

Productivity Tip #13Batch working

This is another one that's taken me personally, some time to get used to!

Because I can get bored easily, this makes it harder for me to do things in batches some days.

I'm one of those people that likes to mix it up with a timeslot for some blog post writing and then a time block for Pin image creations…

I'm just someone that likes the mix up of something demanding and creative in one day…

But I have to say, batch working definitely works, on a time saving and productivity front.

productivity tip Batch working

When you're super focused on one thing, you can bash it out a lot quicker and get way more done.

When I batch pin image designs, I can get about 20-25 done in an hour.

This is much better than just doing the odd one here or there and having to load up Canva each time I want to use it for one pin image.

Let's look at some of the tasks you can do in batches:

  • Pin images
  • Social graphics
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Freebie creations (maybe set aside a day for creating 2-3 new freebies)
  • Emails for your list
  • Learning and taking new courses
  • Editing blog posts

There's tons of other things you can batch, but these are some of the ones I do.

Productivity Tip #14 – What can you Automate and Delegate

Blogging should be all about producing top-notch content and wowing your readers…

However, when you first start blogging, you're probably going to be a one-woman band, doing everything yourself.

But, as you grow and your blog becomes more demanding of your time, certain tasks will need to be delegated and outsourced.

productivity tip what can you automate and delegate

There's lots of things you can outsource and some of them are as follows:

  • Graphic design and creations
  • Techie Stuff (such as web development)
  • Emails and customer support – a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be hired to do these tasks for you
  • Editing blog posts
  • Social Media content management
  • Video editing

There's loads of other things that can be outsourced and delegated to other people and there's someone out there that can help with anything you need!

As well as outsourcing and delegation, automation is another key element.

I've already incorporated automation within my blogging strategy, for things such as email marketing and email sign-ups.

I also use a tool called Tailwind to manage my pinning and Instagram posting, plus Canva also has a built-in Content Planner within its platform.

Outsourcing and delegating will become your best friend as time goes on – trust me, because you physically can't do everything when your blog continues to grow.

Productivity Tip #15 – Put together List & Roundup Posts

When you're short on time (oh we're always short on time mamma's) then a list post or a roundup post is perfect to put together, because they're less demanding to write.

You need to remember that posting consistently is how your blog will grow…

What is a List Post?

A list post is one of the best and easiest blog posts to read (and write).

It's exactly what it says on the tin, a post that lists tips (like this one), secrets, shortcuts, facts etc, all-around a particular theme or topic…

They usually flow nicely, from one tip to the next and are super easy to absorb the information given.

These kinds of posts are fab for mums to write and for us to read too on other blogs, because when you're short on time (and attention span because of baby brain) then posts which list items down are much better to take in.

productivity tip Put together List & Roundup Posts

What is a Roundup Post?

A roundup post can be a number of things, including the best tools in your industry, top strategies and one of the most popular ones out there – the expert roundup, where you can gather experts opinions and thoughts on your topic and share it with your audience.

The reason they're great for mummy bloggers is that they're easier to put together and when you do a roundup post on experts within your niche, you're using other people's content for the post.

This takes all the guesswork out of it for you and gives your readers some great info from experts.

All you need to do is reach out to the experts and ask one or two questions to them all and then your job is to just collate it all and present it in an easy to read format.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy ha…

Both list and roundup posts are really great for traffic and SEO because they're so popular…

Productivity Tip #16 – Have a Content plan

I struggled with this one to start with, as I just wanted to write posts as and when, but you really need to put together a content plan, so you know what you're posting and when.

The content plan should include not only your blog posts but the social media posts you want to create and share that go along with it.

You don't need any fancy programs or software.

For my blog post content plan, I just use a simple spreadsheet with the months, the day (I usually post on a Thursday right now, although I'm about to change that to a Monday) and the date I want to post and then the name of the blog post and URL.

That's it – super simple and I know where I am.

I then highlight the posts and enter the date in which I published them, so I know what has been posted already and when.

You can see how simple it really is below…

editorial calendar spreadsheet

If you plan out what you want to write about, then you'll have some kind of order, plus you should have a goal for each post you write.

It could be to promote your latest product, promote an affiliate program or even something as simple as getting readers to sign up for your list!

Whatever it is you want to achieve, your posts need to have an end goal in mind.

Productivity Tip #17Repurpose old content

Another great way to save time and energy when your idea bank is at an all-time low is to repurpose old content.

Can you update an old blog post, with new and more relevant information?

Can you turn an episode of a podcast or a video you've created into a new post?

productivity tip repurpose old content

There's tons of ways to repurpose content to make them new and fresh!

And then once you've created a new post, you can then create fresh new social graphics to go with them and bang – there's more repurposed content…

Sometimes, it isn't always about creating something brand new stuff, especially when you're not feeling the inspiration train.

Repurposing content is great to have in your back pocket when you're in a content creating slump!

It's turning content you already have into something even better…

Productivity Tip #18 – Create a Swipe File

Swipe files are awesome…

They're a great way to pull together content, that you can reach into in those times of much-needed inspiration.

They're also a way to keep all your content well organized.

What is a Swipe File?

A swipe file is a collection of files, used for inspiration purposes!

It came about when copywriters used to gain collections of written articles that they could keep and refer to when they needed help and inspiration and now, bloggers have swipe files here there and everywhere…

You need to remember that posting consistently is how your blog will grow...

I have lots of bookmarks on my browser full of all kinds of swipe files.

I can add to them as and when I come across something I want to keep and refer back to in the future.

Some of them include “writing help” articles, “how-to” articles and “Traffic” articles etc…

I also have desktop folders on my laptop too, full of information I can refer back to again and again!

So what kinds of things can you create swipe files for:

  • Blog Post Headlines
  • Amazing Blog Posts you've come across
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Call to Action Examples
  • Branding Inspiration
  • Landing Pages

Basically, anything you feel can help you and bring ideas and inspiration can be added to a swipe file.

When it comes to being productive, there's nothing worse than sitting and staring at a blank screen, wasting precious time…

Creating swipe files means you have access to email subject lines you love and articles you find valuable, all to hand helping you out when you need it most.

Productivity Tip #19 – Give your kids a hug!

Ok, this is one I've added in here myself and one I love to do!

I find that when I'm feeling unproductive or overwhelmed with anything to do with my blog, a big old hug with my boys works wonders.

productivity tip hug your children/kids

Hugging them gives me a much-needed boost and a huge smile on my face.

Sometimes I just need that warmth and smell of them wrapped around me and it reminds me of my “why”…

The “why” I'm building a blog in the first place!

I have 3 “why's”…

My #1 why is to stay home so that I'm always around for my boys.

My #2 why is to help as many mums as possible start a blog and be able to live a fulfilled life being the creative, awesome women they are…

My #3 why is to be able to contribute financially, so that we can live the life we've always wanted, full of freedom, happiness ad adventure!

So when you're feeling a bit “blogging crazy”, step away and give your children a hug and if they're at school or pre-school, keep that hug in your mind and give it to them when you pick them up!

Productivity Tip #20 – Try and have just one tab open

This may not be possible all the time, as some programs require more than one tab, however, I've actually found this one very good for my productivity.

I'm a nightmare when it comes to multiple tabs on my laptop.

I have every single thing open at the same time…

  • Emails (business and personal)
  • YouTube
  • WordPress Dashboard
  • Latest Blog Post I'm working on
  • Course I'm doing
  • Articles I'm checking out
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Canva
  • Keyword Research Tool (Ubersuggest)
  • Tailwind

Even Spotify distracts me lol!

How is it in any way productive to have all those tabs open, distracting me from doing one task at a time!

productivity tip Try and have just one tab open at a time on your computer or laptop to save time wasting

It's virtually impossible to concentrate when I can see Instagram popping up notifications in the corner and YouTube just waiting for me to check out yet another “what I eat in a day” video…

So, as often as I can, I have just the tab open for what I'm working on – it's not easy as it can be really tempting to open up Facebook or scroll my Insta feed, but I'm getting there, plus I mentioned the chrome extension above that you can install to close down unnecessary, time-wasting websites for periods of time.

Productivity Tip #21 – Accept things will come up and go wrong

We're mums…

We have kids who hurt themselves, get sick and want things all the time…

It's a fact, things are going to come up and go wrong and there's nothing we can do about it.

productivity tip Accept things will come up and go wrong

Our #1priority is always our children!

But as annoying as this can be when you want to just knuckle down and crack on with your blogging endeavours, it's actually what's really great about having a blog!

The flexibility of it, the fact you can take time when you need to for you or your children, that you can step away and deal with whatever that minute's crisis is (there's always a crisis somewhere along the line with kids) is what makes blogging so ideal and family-friendly.

I absolutely love it and couldn't imagine my life without my blog now…

Productivity Tip #22 – Set days & times to do things

Setting days and times to do certain things will really help your productivity levels.

Look at what you have to do during the week and how you can break it down into manageable times.

Maybe do all your chores on one morning of the week. Set that day and time and know that time you've set is for that purpose and that purpose only.

productivity tip have set days & times to do things

Keep weekends for family time, or one of the days at the weekend if you have to use some of that time to work when you have a husband or partner home to help with the kids.

Whatever works for you and your family, set a day and time for things such as blogging and chores and stick to it.

It'll make it much easier for you to factor everything in, rather than trying to blog a bit here and do a chore there…

It's never a good idea to flit between jobs and tasks, as it's counterproductive and will have you doing too many different things in one day.

I find having a weekly planner really helps me keep everything in check and I can see it all at a glance for the week.

Productivity Tip #23 – Say “No” more…

We can't do it all and as mums, we're already doing way more than we should a lot of the time.

Taking a step back and saying “no” more often isn't you being a bad friend, daughter, sister etc… it's about you needing to have some time for yourself.

You can't do it all and burnout is a very real thing.

You're no good to anyone when you're a burnt-out mess, especially to yourself.

productivity tip say no more so you don't burnout

If you can't handle the thought of going for that coffee today, because you're overwhelmed and exhausted – then don't!

The people that care about you aren't going to be annoyed if you explain to them you need some time to yourself.

It's really hard to say no because when you're a caring, kind mummy like you are, your nurturing nature wants to help others all the time and be there for everyone.

You don't want to let anyone down or seem like you're not interested, but you're actually letting yourself down.

Sometimes, you just need to give yourself the time and rest you need and deserve.

Being more productive comes from being energised and you'll only feel more energised if you slow down, listen to your body and what it needs and stop saying “yes” to everything…

Productivity Tip #24Self care is crucial

I think this one goes hand in hand with the saying “no” more often…

Self-care is absolutely crucial when it comes to blogging as a busy mum.

When I first started blogging, I was up all hours of the night, trying to get everything done and then I was a grumpy, shouty, horrible mummy the next day to my children.

Not what I wanted to be like at all.

It can be super hard trying to fit it all in because we're busy and kids take over our lives (in a good way).

Something always has to give as a mum and unfortunately, a lot of the time that's our self-care!

productivity tip Self care is crucial for your wellbeing

But if I can give you one piece of advice, it's to prioritise taking care of yourself and your wellbeing.

Even if that means your blog grows slower and you aren't doing as much on as you'd like, then so be it!

Starting a blog should be a fun, exciting experience and journey for you.

Yes, there's a lot to learn and a lot to get used to doing – but like anything you do, it all takes time… and you will get there!

Remember, blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. It's a slow and steady game that you need to be in for the long haul.

No one gets rich quick from their blog if they're building it the right way.

Sacrificing eating well, working out and getting as much sleep as you can isn't worth it, just so you can have a hugely successful blog!

You need to take that bubble bath, put on that face mask and chill out…

Productivity Tip #25 – Stay hydrated

To stay productive (in anything, not just blogging) you need to drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated keeps you and your brain focused.

productivity tip stay hydrated and drink lots of water to stay focused and energised

Not drinking enough water also affects your mood…

There's not really much to say on this one except – to keep a water bottle to hand at all times (I like to add lemon to my water as it helps to flush out your system) and keep it topped up throughout the day.

They say that you should drink at least 2 litres of water a day to keep nasty bacteria away and this can be done quite easily if you keep water on you all the time.

It's amazing how much better I feel when I know I've had a lot of water.

At the same time, I know how sluggish and yucky I feel when I haven't had enough…

Productivity Tip #26Take a break when you need one

We're all different when it comes to how long our attention spans are (mine is not great) so knowing how many breaks to take is very personal to you and the type of person you are.

Some people are ok to work for longer periods of time before they feel the need to take a break, while others feel they need to work in shorter bursts, to get the most out of themselves.

productivity tip take regular breaks away from your laptop

However you work best, take advantage of that, although if you're someone who can work for longer, still remember to take regular breaks. to stretch your legs, grab a snack and have some water.

It's not good for you or your body to stay hunkered down at your laptop for hours and hours on end!

Your back will not thank you for it…

The Pomodoro method is a technique that was invented by Francesco Cirillo, whereby you work in blocks of 25 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes.

This way of working is supposed to really boost your productivity, due to being intensely focused for short bursts of time!

I haven't tried this method out myself yet, but maybe I'll give it a go, seeing as my own attention span can be that of a fly.

My advice is to do what's best for you and what works in harmony with you and your body.

Productivity Tip #27 – Work at the time when you work best!

Some of us work best in the morning and some of us work best at night!

Whichever part of the day you work best at and are most energised and raring to go, try and work at this time.

I know it may not always be possible, especially when you have little ones and are working from home, but if you can try and work at your best times at least a couple of times a week, you'll find you're more productive in those hours.

productivity tip blog at times when you work best and have the most energy

When you have more intense blogging tasks, like writing blog posts or creating an email series to grow your email list, do these tasks when you're at your best!

Hefty tasks are far too easy to push to the bottom of the pile when you feel like you can't tackle them, so prioritise these for when you have the most energy and time.

The tasks such as pin images and social graphic creation can be done when you have less time and are maybe not as energised as you want to be.

These types of tasks are less strenuous on your brain, so won't feel so demanding when you're tired…

Productivity Tip #28 – Get it out of your head & onto paper

Ideas, ideas, ideas, swarming around your head…

Are you one of those people who gets a lightbulb moment and then – BANG – it's gone and you didn't have time to write it down.

I've had that sooooo many times and it's frustrating and annoying.

Plus, I usually get them late at night when I'm in bed trying to sleep.

productivity tip get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. keep a notepad and pen next to your bed to write ideas down

Now I keep a notepad and pen next to me in bed, so if I wake with a bright idea, I can write it down.

But do you know what – since having said notepad and pen there, no ideas have woken me up – typical…

Anyway, it's a good idea to have notepads and pens nearby, even on your desk when you're working, so if anything comes to you (like a great idea for a new freebie or product) you can get it out of your head and on to paper.

You can also use your phone when you're out and about to jot things down!

Your mind is a lot clearer and more focused when it doesn't have everything swimming around in it.

Productivity Tip #29 – Stop trying to be a perfectionist

It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done…

I can't remember where I first heard this, but I say it a lot!

I'm such a perfectionist and I hate putting something out there which isn't perfect.

But I've had to get over myself or else my blog would be non-existent…

productivity tip don't be a perfectionist. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done

This blog you're reading now didn't launch for well over a year, because I was so scared people wouldn't like it or wouldn't want to read my posts.

I got in my own way and stopped going live for fear of what others would think.

You can't think this way as you'll never do anything!

Once I'd actually launched my blog (finally) I didn't know what all the fuss was about.

It was fine, I was fine, people were reading and sharing my posts…

It was all good.

When it comes to anything you create for your blog, whether it's a graphic, a blog post, an email, whatever it is, put your effort into it, make sure it's full of value and then let it out into the world.

You can always go back and tweak it at a later date if you want to add or take anything away, but don't keep trying to make it perfect.

You'll drive yourself insane…

Productivity Tip #30 – Be proactive, efficient and use your initiative

Being proactive can help in many ways when it comes to your productivity.

It makes you more efficient, more innovative and helps you use your initiative more…

Proactivity features highly in the blogging world – there's no boss to tell you what to do and no one to push you when you're unmotivated and disorganized.

productivity tip Be proactive, efficient and use your initiative when it comes to your blog

In order to succeed with your blog, you have to get into the habit of planning and working to your own timescales.

It's not easy to stay focused and on track, especially when you're first starting out and you need to be super organised!

There's so much to do and get your head around, but after a while, you will have to be proactive and push yourself forward in order to make it work for you.

You could get yourself an accountability partner, maybe someone in a group you're in for other bloggers or a friend who could hold you accountable.

Sometimes we just need someone to keep us on track, so we don't fall off the cliff…

Productivity Tip #31 – Look at your visions and purpose often

When the going gets tough (and it will) take a look back and revisit the vision and purpose you made for your blog!

productivity tip look at and revisit your visions and purpose often

  • Why did you start your blog?
  • Who are you helping?
  • What are your goals (long term and short term)?
  • What drives you everyday to keep building and growing?
  • What are your dreams and how are you going to make them happen?
  • What is your “why”?

These are all things to look at and remind yourself of when you get those days it all seems too much and you don't know what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Setting yourself weekly, monthly and yearly goals is super important.

They keep you focused and drive your blog to where you want it to go.

Productivity Tip #32 – Stop feeling guilty

Guilt is really bad for your productivity because it can hinder you from taking action on anything.

As mums, we're always feeling guilty about something.

productivity tip stop feeling mom guilt about trying to do it all

If we're working, we feel guilty we're not spending enough time with our children and when we're with our children, we feel guilty we're not working on our blog and the cycle goes round and round.

Basically, we need to STOP with the guilt…

We put so much pressure and expectations on ourselves that we end up tangled up in this web of guilt, which is hard to get out of once we're in it.

We've got to stop trying to do it all at once and let the guilty conscience go…

The Productivity Pack to help YOU get more done!

productivity planner pack freebie

Grab the Productivity Planner Pack now. Plan your blog's goals & get daily priorities & blog tasks smashed…

    Productivity Tip #33 – Start doing something & take action!

    The final tip I want to touch upon today is this one…


    Whether it's sitting down and writing your goals out or deciding what your first blog post is going to be, take action and do something to work on building and growing your blog!

    If you're brand new to blogging, I know it can all seem overwhelming!

    The truth of blogging is this – it's super hard work, but believe me when I say, it will get easier and you will find your flow.

    It takes time, effort, energy and consistency, but you can and will have that amazing blog you've always dreamed of.

    Help people, give value and be the best person out there for them to reach out to in your niche.

    So that's it lovely, 33 productivity tips for busy blogging mums.

    I hope you can take these tips and apply them to your life so that you can be more productive in all areas!

    Once you start being more productive with your time, you'll see better success with your blog.

    What productivity tips have you tried? Let me know in the comments below…


    1. Hi Krystal, it really can be hard to try and get it all done. Glad these tips have helped you as they've helped me. Thanks so much for coming by and checking it out 🙂

    2. Thanks so much for this Rachel. I really appreciate your kind words. Hope you love more posts in the future 🙂

    3. I love this!!! As a busy mom it can be so hard to get stuff done with my blog but these tips r great!

    4. I absolutely love how down to earth and totally empowering you are to us blogging moms.
      It’s definitely hard out there doing both as a full time job.
      I will be subscribing because all of your posts are totally up my alley and SO helpful!

    5. Thanks Alexa. Glad they could help & yes, pre-planning snacks is a real go to for me, plus my kids are ALWAYS hungry lol…

    6. Love these tips you've provided. Some of which I use today. I love the idea to pre-plan snacks for my LO.

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